iPod touch, iPhone, iPad application
With this application you’ll be able to download, manage and experience VR Panorama using touch and accelerometer capabilities. Using its several options it will be possible to tune the interaction with VR panoramas, so to make the immersion into the images environment a perfect step in the Virtual Reality world.

Step 1:
Download this application on iTunes. It’s free:

Step 2:
The user interface of CubeWorld is quite simple to use: in the homepage you’ll see your downloaded panoramas (and you can sort them by name, author or kind). You can get our VR motion panorama on your iPhone by click on On-line Pano button  and  be connected to the internet or via WiFi.

Step 3:
Type on the Url, our VR motion link as follow:

Step 4:
Click on download button. Once clicked, you have to wait for images to be unpacked and put in your iPhone memory (their LOCAL – that means you don’t have to be connected to the internet at this point). And then we’ll show you that now you have the image on your iPhone changing “download” in “view”


Step 5:
After download all the VR motion panorama click Back button to back to the home page.

Step 6:
Before start to view VR panorama, from the Options button – in the home page – you can access to the options page. There you’ll be able to modify the behaviour of the program.


Step 7:
For better navigation, change this option:

  • Visual Options: Potrait mode OFF
  • Gesture Handling: Hard drag mode OFF, Reverse touch ON
  • Accelerometer: Active for L-R OFF, Active for U-D OFF
  • Fun Stuff: Inertia ON, Initial auto-panning ON
  • Download: Hide downloaded pano OFF

After changing click Back button to back to the home page.


Step 8:
Start to view VR panorama from the home page, select one of your favourite.

Step 9:
Go to the information page, and click again on the image to see VR panorama.


Step 10:
Then you can see the VR panorama, turning around with your fingers. You can zoom using two fingers and you can close the image and be back to image info page simply putting three fingers at the same time on the screen (or with a triple tap if you prefer). Enjoy!



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