VR Panorama is best suit, very useful and helpful for interactive multimedia or presentation, such as :

  1. Hotel or Resort Virtual Tour.
    These days, along with the IT development, most business and customers rely on online facilities to meet their needs. More customers book their travel and accommodation online, as well as hotels and travels agents promote their service through online facilities. The VR Panorama contained in hotels or travel agents’ websites will help either customers or the service providers to experience an almost real preview of the hotel rooms, restaurants, gardens, swimming pools, and other offered facilities. Therefore, customers will have a pre-experience of what they are going to have, allowing non-expected worries.

  2. Apartment, Real Estate or other Housing Sales.
    The VR Panorama contained in the website will allow prospective buyers to see the actual and almost real view of each room, function and facilities of the property for sale. The VR Panorama can also be uploaded in the touch screen kiosk or booth during the exhibitions to alternate brochures and dummy models of the property (miniature). The Marketing Agents who active in direct selling can also rely on VR Panorama files in their PDA (iPad, iPhone or laptop). Give away CD with VR Panorama files of each spot of the property will be more nailed to alternate brochures and flyers.

  3. Shopping Mall or Department Store Preview.
    Apart from become part of the property’s profile, the VR Panorama files will facilitate and assist customers and visitors who are not familiar with Mall’s directory. This facility can be provided in a touch screen booth at the entrance, next to information counter, atrium and every floor of the Mall or Shopping Center.

  4. University or School Directory Preview.
    Candidates of the annual intakes as well as their parents can access the real visibility of the campus, including classrooms, library, sport center, student café, gardens, and all other facilities of the university through university’s website. This is very beneficial for international students and remote-origin students.

  5. Bar, Café, Restaurant, Pub, or Hangout Spot Preview.
    The atmosphere, ambience, seating arrangements, capacity, and facilities of the venue can be previewed through website by customers. It is also unique to offer online booking system for customers along with allowing customers to pick their table that suits their preferred view as seen in the VR Panorama.

  6. Museum or Historical Building Tour.
    The VR panorama files will allow online tour, maximize and increase visitors, boost the promotion and support education for children, enthusiasts, and public in general.

  7. Tourism Objects and Spots Preview.
    Either Ministry of Tourism, Central Government, Local Government, Tourism Management or Community Council can promote their tourism objects, spots, and attractions in their official websites, promotional CD, interactive or touch screen kiosk at every Tourist Information Center that contain VR Panorama files. Not only attract more visitors and travelers, the VR Panorama files will also help them in pre-defining their routes, schedules, and other options.

  8. Investment-related object preview.
    The preview of public area, road conditions, water supply, soil texture and condition, and any other objects or spots are very crucial for investment. Not only support the decision making, the VR Panorama files will also useful for budgeting, feasibility study, presenting report, presentation, and other investment-related documentations.


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