We are helping you and your company to produce the VR Panorama files for promotion, presentation or other functions by undergoing the following steps :

VR Photo Shoots :

  • We will come to your site and take photos of each object or spot that will be previewed as VR Panorama files
  • Editing Process: tonal dan coloring.

Interactive Multimedia VR Development :

  • Photo editing to suit VR Applications.
  • Graphic Designing to suit its presentation, such as navigation sign and other multimedia elements.
  • Action Script Development into navigation signs for interactive function purposes.


The Output resulted is flash files on VR Application materials. The exclusive output deliverable will be as follows:

  • Exclusive interactive CD with your own corporate identity
  • Flash-based web page that already visible in the internet browser
  • Flash format file (swf) to be used more flexibly as used on an existing company website


  • Website

    The VR Application files will be uploaded and contained in company’s or official client’s website for free online access. The file arrangement onto the website will be consulted with the web master or web developer. We can also develop the website for clients, if the clients do not have an official website (in a separate offer).

  • Interactive CD

    The VR Application files will be simply stored in Compact Disc (CD) for offline viewing, either for customers, clients or other stakeholders. Other content or application can also be added to the CD upon request and deal.

  • Tablet PC

    The VR Application files will be stored in interactive kiosk such as touch screen booth, PDA, or other similar static or portable hardware to allow users interactively view the files for certain purposes (preview, promotion, presentation, etc.). We also supply the hardware (touch screen booth, etc.) upon request, with separate offer.


Pricing for VR Photography service varies depends on requirements and scope of the project. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll arrange an appointment to further discuss the details and finding out the appropriate pricing for your Virtual Panorama project.


Professional photography
Flash-based technology
HTML5-based technology
Multimedia integration
iPad & iPhone OS support
Android support
HDR photography
Custom UI navigation
Custom cursor
Company logo integration
Virtual tour navigation

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